Welcome to your registration options. Any individual can register, there is just a process to follow since this is a secure professional workplace success service.

Ask the Programme Coordinator

If your company is using the service for a very specific purpose or programme there will be a person or committee managing the programme. Just speak to them and ask for the instructions. Most often they will have registered you already.

Ask Customer Care

Please send an email to We will use your sender email address to determine the best way to complete your specific registration request. Please check-in for replies to your email.

Or just tap here to open the online chat

Ask your Manager

Contact your manager and ask for the link to be sent to you. The manager has to sign-in and send the link from the Menu options as follows

>>Team>>Add member>>Invite user

PS: The manager can also register you online from their sign-in.

>>Team>>Add member>>Register a new user